Alabaster Box 2015

hat a wonderful time we had at Jesus’ feet on Saturday, August 1st, 2015!!
I wish to express our profound gratitude to:
· Our wonderful guest ministers – for being available for God’s use to bless our lives.
· The beautiful women who gave of their time and talent to minister in music as the Alabaster Box 2015 Choir.
· Our sound engineer, Esmund Yurglee-Julius, who is always 100% committed to our work.
· The ATMF Team and Trustees – a truly committed bunch of people.

· The people who supported us financially and in-kind, and the following companies:
   –  Sea Bonito Ltd – for the lovely stage decoration.
   –  Sentinel Centre – for all the freebies and great customer service.
   –  Cake ‘n’ Candy – for the delicious cupcakes and sausage rolls.

· The companies that helped us reward a missing discipline – punctuality – with ‘Early Bird’ gifts:
   –  BNatural Spa, GRA Ikeja – for the mani-pedis and massage.
   –  Enthyst Fashion Klinik, Ikoyi – for the kaftans and slippers.
   –  Jo’Ox Exoticz – for the slippers.
   –  Bata Esho – for the clutch purse.
   –  Makitas Concepts – for the jewellery set.
   –  Tulips Cakes – for the red velvet cupcakes.
   –  2Q Cakes – for the sponge cake.


~ I wish to state that the best investment of my time this year has been the 6hrs that I spent at the program on Saturday. My spirit was lifted, my soul was healed and my heavy heart became light. I cannot begin to quantify the benefits I obtained from the program and I know the benefits are yet to unfold fully.
~ This meeting ushered in healing and removal of heaviness and burden from me. I feel free and much at peace. To God alone be all the glory. ~ Awesome, awesome. I had a glorious time. I was encouraged, inspired and uplifted. This meeting has encouraged me to stand and stand strong in the ROCK no matter what. I have been propelled to continually dwell in His presence discover my calling no matter the wasted years
~ I was greatly blessed and my emotional illness received healing
~ It was awesome; I believe and saw God being real. It made me to see that God is REAL. GOD IS AWESOME
~ Inspiring. I got renewed and blessed. Became more hopeful. I was able to let go all of the hurt, trauma and humiliation experienced in my immediate past work place. Also easier to forgive people who hurt me.
~ It was an awesome experience and it imparted my life in different ways. I held a lot and now I am free~~ My experience was simply awesome, listening to those life testimonies especially Pastor Aity’s , proves the wondrous working power of God. All the participants are all graces and gifted in their different areas. I am far better than I came knowing that my past is torn to shreds and thrown into the trash can. Thank you Jesus.
~ I was mesmerized. The opening session, teaching session were enlightening; the practical session revealing; a time of healing for me. The testimonies encouraged me, challenged me and I hope and I believe that they have changed me
~ Amazing! Soul lifting and inspiring. A real cleansing session. Thank you
~ Awesome, down to earth and impactful with soul lifting testimonies.
~ I’m short of words, that one thing I can surely say is the presence of the Lord is very real like you can touch it.
~ This is one of the most mind blowing and spirit lifting programme that I have attended in years. I was held spell bound. It was a wonderfully packaged event. The speakers couldn’t have been better. They are perfect and made it worth its while. The choir will go places.
~ I am filling this form a quarter way into the programme and so far I am enjoying every bit of it. Listening to Yinka Enahoro and Chibuzor Barth-Akaba has been so inspiring, so self discovering, so true to my present circumstance. It was elevating and soul lifting……. I am glad I stayed till the end.
~ I wished I had come earlier. I woke up this morning weeping about the fact that I’m not married and not having money to finance my PhD programme, just then I took my devotional book and I was reminded of the need not to forget Gods past goodness. I took a retrospect and I started praising God. Then I got the message that I lost my best friend, I was shattered but managed to pull myself to the program and I am grateful I did because I was blessed. ~ I got a refreshing that has been missing for a long time and I know God has heard and seen me. Looking forward to great and exciting times. Thank you and God bless
~ A lot of questions I had been asking God received the answers that I needed at the program, especially with Mrs. Barth’s Testimony. In fact, the teachings were simply awesome.
~ I came here a broken woman, I felt nothing is working but after the teaching am blessed. The worship brought me back to life, the testimonies the best. I was really blessed today
~ My experience was divine. I was inspired and now have a new view towards things. Also, I now know and appreciate God
~ My experience at this meeting was awesome and enlightening. I had a better understanding of what I have become and I have the choice of becoming who God wants me to be rather than choosing to maintain status quo. I bless God for this wonderful insight and understanding. It is important for me to uninstall all programs that are not fruitful.
~ Taking me to a new walk with God
~ The experience made me to see myself differently from how I used to be and will definitely help me by the grace of God in the way I will raise my girls (children) I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to be here. I know I am a better person.
~ It was awesome, it touches all the right places; it was a life changing experience
~ Really awesome! It was really reassuring for me listening to the testimonies to know that God is able to do even things that seemed impossible. The teaching helped me identify some background to my present. I am grateful to God for ordering my steps.