Alabaster Box 2015

My Past…My Present…My Future…Connecting the dots.
At Alabaster Box 2015, we came to understand how our past had a bearing on our present and how it could affect our future. In an encounter with the Master Jesus, we paused to recognise, confront and then break the chains that have held us back. Like a car in need of servicing we had to get rid of the sludge of our past so we could move into our future with efficiency.

We learnt that we tend to parent the way we were parented. Proverbs 22 v 6 which says “Train up a child in a way he should go, when he grows up, he will not depart from it”, is way beyond table manners and greeting elders. We do not readily see how polygamy, divorce, abuse have affected us and how we then create distortions in the foundation we are laying for our children by the choices we make. We have all been programmed to fail or succeed by the choices our parents made and the choices we are making now will affect our future. These programs have the power to rear up their ugly heads in our future if we don’t deal with them now. Kunle Soriyan, Principal Transformation Strategist of Olakunle Soriyan Coy helped us see the need to uninstall these negative programs.

In a polygamous home for example, before you can learn to spell, you learn to be suspicious of those closest to you, creating trust issues which will later affect you, your spouse and associates. Because we are a product of our influences, the kind of home we grew up in is significant and determines our programming. Kunle forced us to face the “Disorder Within” and consciously unplug ourselves from the wrong conditioning…Amazing principle! We are all born Innocent (full of courage and enthusiasm). We become Victims through correction, lovingly made or not it forces the innocence out of us. We are victims of whoever raised us because we could not question what they were pouring into us. Our learning gives us our Preferences. Once you gain independence from your parents, your preferences become your Prejudices; unjustifiable conditioning which then forms your Personality. Your personality therefore is not who you are or who you were born but who you have become.

Innocence–Victims–Preference–Prejudice–Personality..WE BECOME!

Whatever your past experience, you can change your future outcome…by unplugging. Kunle graduated with a third class degree but now lives a first class life. What is your reality? Your past does not have to determine your future!

Talking about reality, how do you wait on the Lord for almost a quarter of a century?  How? Like Aity Dennis (Pastor/Music Minister) did; with joy, shared passion and service in your Kingdom assignment. I was reminded of a message that I heard many years ago . The word ‘wait’ was analysed. You wait on the Lord, not like you are waiting for a bus at the bus stop in chilly English weather; impatient and grumbling. You wait on the lord like a Waiter at an expensive restaurant with great clients wearing a warm smile.  As you go through challenging circumstances, you must show an attitude of gratitude knowing that you have been chosen to bear the cross and the testimony would be great. You wait despite the outward circumstance. You wait despite medical reports. You wait because you know WHO has said will surely bring it to pass. You wait 24 years and beyond your fruitful years to get your twins. That’s how you wait….in HIS service!

How else would she have been able to release over 2000 songs and multiple albums?

You will get there!

Mrs Chibuzo Barth-Akaba did. She tells us how she went from Abused woman to Admired wife.  Proverbs 30v 21-23 talks about the four things that can literally cause an earthquake; an unloved woman who is married is one. Chibuzo (Music Minister and Life Coach ) moved from a tumultuous relationship to tantalizing life and destiny partner.

Let go and Let God!

Finally in amusing anecdotes, Pastor Oyenike Adeleke of the Fruitful Vine Dominion Apostolic Ministry shares her life experiences of how you can go from the lows of illiteracy to the academic highs of PHD qualification, from the ignominy of village existence to overseas homes and holidays.

In Christ, we can do all things! Deprogram yourself from past hurts and prejudices. Determine to parent differently. If you do not like the parenting you received, don’t blame your parents. They did the best with the knowledge they had. Now you know better, you will do better.

Very few people design and orchestrate their lives. Bad things happen to good people.  We learnt to escape the negative cycle and stop the devil in his tracks. Remember three important things; we are formed by the people, places and events of our lives. Guard these things carefully.

Life is lived in moments. We must be conscious of what we think, say and do in each moment because they all have consequences. Do you know that there is power in the spoken word because we are made in the image of God and He created the world by spoken word? Our future is already evident in the choices we are making now.

Connect the dots by looking back then deliberately create new dots that will lead to your glorious future. Double thumbs up to the ATMF crew. I can’t wait for Alabaster Box 2016.  We will have testimonies.

Be blessed!

~ Ifeyinwa Essien-Akpan