Alabaster Box 2018

Here is what some of the ladies who were a part of Alabaster Box 2018 had to say:

~ Amazing time with the Lord.
~ Alabaster Box is an awesome programme I always look forward to attending. I attended ATMF first in  2016. It’s a programme I don’t want to stop attending. This is a meeting that brings women together; brings me to the Master’s feet; makes me realize lots of things; makes my love for Jesus strong; helps me worship like never before.
~ Excellent.
~ My experience is mind-blowing. My questions were answered. I will be back again.
~ Fantastic and awesome.
~ I could identify with a lot of what was said. One thing I’m going away with is being open to the Holy Spirit for wisdom in any given situation. I’m really blessed and have decided to redefine my self-worth.
~ It is always awesome to be at Alabaster Box programme every year. The worship is always real.
~ A good one. Came in from Ibadan and a friend told me about it so I came. I’m glad I did.
~ Really speechless; don’t know how to express myself. Only Him, the Lover of my soul, knows how it is and the excitement inside of me. I really do love myself more now that I know better than before.
~ It is a time of refreshing and reconnecting. I always look forward to this time to unburden myself and feel loved again.
~ It was refreshing.