I belong to You (Hillsong)


[Verse 1]
Here I stand
Forever in Your mighty hand
Living with Your promise
Written on my heart

[Verse 2]
I am Yours
Surrendered wholly to You
You set me in Your family
Calling me Your own

Now I, I belong to You
All I need – Your Spirit, Your word, Your truth
Hear my cry – my deep desire
To know You more

In Your name, I will lift my hands
To the King, this anthem of praise I bring
Heaven knows I long to love You with all I am
I belong to You

Our Thoughts

We can go round and round pursuing things that we think will make us fulfilled and just when we attain these things, we realize they don’t have the ability to satisfy. The is a God-shaped vacuum in our hearts that only He can fill because He is our Creator….our Maker. In our quiet moments, we can sense a yearning in our hearts for Him and even when we don’t know Him at all, we sense a deep desire for something more ‘tangible’ than the things men pursue. For those of us who have been introduced to Him – to our Father – by His beloved Son, Jesus, we can recognize the desire as a desire to know Him more deeply, more intimately…..as Paul would say, to know Him the way He knows us.

May we lay aside all other insignificant pursuits for ephemeral, temporal things and pursue the One, True, Eternal God who loves us indescribably and wants to relate with us intimately.