Take Over (Tye Tribbett)


All we want is You
Take over, Take over
‘Til we are consumed 
By nothing, nothing else but You

Lord, take my mind
Take my heart, take my will
I give it all, I want more of You
All we want is more of You

Our Thoughts

I believe God wants all of His children to come to a point where we throw up our hands, give up every other pursuit and make Him our primary pursuit. We all need to come to the point where we acknowledge that not only where we saved by grace but we will only run our race successfully by grace….making our dependence on God absolute.

There is a ‘God-shaped’ hole in every human beings heart and no matter how hard we chase after material things and worldly positions or accolades, none of these other things will ever fill up that hole and satisfy us. It’s like how we are often thirsty but mistaken that thirst for hunger and instead of drinking water and quenching that thirst, we eat…..and that thirst is still there. Only water will quench it. Likewise, only Jesus satisfies and satisfies completely. No wonder He refers to Himself as Living Water and the Bread of Life.

For Him to take over – to fill us up – we must empty ourselves of stuff and especially of ‘self’. So, let’s give Him our mind (thought processes), our will (desires and choices) and our heart (emotions) and let Him TAKE OVER our lives COMPLETELY as LORD.