When Men Worship 2016

In March 2013, there I was at the back enjoying the deep worship at the ATMF’s outreach to women (Alabaster Box) after helping out with logistics and the Lord spoke to me clearly saying ‘Bring the men to My Feet.’

I thought it wasn’t possible because I wasn’t a worship leader and I was called to be a nation-building evangelist advocating the building of Nigeria through mobilising citizens to participate in governance.

4 years after, I have finally come to the place of obedience and in that time, I have come to realise that no national transformation can occur unless men are healed from their UNSPOKEN pain and then sent to go build the nation.

When Men Worship 2016 with theme ‘BREAKING THE SILENCE of Painful Childhoods’, Marital Struggles and Midlife Crises will bring men to the feet of the Master.

Whilst we are there, we will open our hearts with deep and unrestrained worship (no, not only women know this type of worship); we will hear detailed stories from men who have struggled with issues in their childhood and marriage which has hindered their progress and how God delivered them; and then we will receive key teachings on how to break the silence, receive healing and then go on to lead victorious in our families, communities and nation.
DATE: Sunday, 24th July, 2016
VENUE: The Sentinel Centre, 13a Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos.
To register, visit – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/when-men-worship-2016-tickets-26350253317
Men, we are the pillars of our nation and our women, our children and God have waited long enough for us. God is seeking for the spirit of king Davids in US. Not perfect men but men who are vulnerable enough to connect with God’s heart and the hearts of people. He is seeking ultimate WORSHIPPERS who are also ultimate WARRIORS.
Come out on the day and be there on time. Let’s worship God with reckless abandon and also be healed to go lead the transformation of our nation and the building of His Kingdom.
Sorry our helpers (the women), we the MEN want to be alone at this programme. Please allow us this opportunity.