When Men Worship 2017 – Report & Feedback

On Sunday, 30th July, 2017, we held our second annual ATMF outreach to men – ‘When Men Worship 2017’ – at the Sentinel Centre, Maryland, Lagos. The theme for this year was ‘The Man: His Worship. His Home’ and it attracted about 66 men hungry to have an encounter with their Lord.

The programme began with the first session of deep worship with carefully selected songs that focused our hearts on giving God our true worship. After about an hour of radical worship, we were focused on heaven and open to hear to the first speaker, Ted Theodore.

This speaker spoke on ‘My Life as a Worshipper’ and coming from a man who yearns to think, speak and act as a worshipper in all aspects of his life, it was a life-transforming session. Among the many things we learnt, the key highlights were his teaching that we cannot truly worship God until we enter into His rest; any area we don’t submit to God means we are not worshipping God in that area (the example of the sex life of married men was a hard hitting one); worship is much more than the songs we sing but living a life of total surrender to God on daily basis, etc.

After that session, we went into another session of deep worship which took us men into the ‘Holy of Holies’. Some cried, some were lost for words, some shouted, some walked to and fro and at a point, we all lay prostrate before our Lord and King for a few moments, lost in His presence.

Thereafter, the second speaker, Muyiwa Laleye, came on board and spoke to us about ‘My Worship as a Husband, Father and leader in the marketplace.’ It was another life-transforming session because Muyiwa shared his life story openly and it was imparting to pick up several nuggets from a life sold out to God. We learned about the key differences between his wife and him and how in submitting to God, he was able to form a strong partnership with her which provides a strong platform to raise godly children, launch a godly and success business enterprise that is growing every year despite the various Nigerian challenges, and become effective ministers of the gospel in their community.

We then had another session of worship which continued while the ministry team prayed for every man individually. It wasn’t a time for personal needs ministration but for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to equip us to become effective worshippers in our homes and marketplace.

In summary, the men at When Men Worship 2017 received a deep and powerful impartation from the Holy Spirit and teachings through His work in the lives of two worshippers (the speakers). It must be reiterated that the carefully selected songs with God-focused lyrics helped the intense worship and many men left the meeting still lost in His presence (some for a few days afterwards).

We are certain that many men were healed and they will become a channel for God to heal their marriages, their children, their communities and their nation, in furtherance of the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
There was a strong demand from several men for increased programme frequency (from annual to monthly or bi-annual). We are waiting on the Lord for direction.

Some of the feedback from the men:

~ Wonderful experience. Just discovered I neglected God in some areas of my life. I will need to put God into every area of my life. God bless you all.

~ Reviving, transforming and refreshing.

~ I really felt the presence and touch of God. It’s awesome.

~ An awesome meeting for men. I wish the next meeting will be given greater publicity.

~ This place to my greatest experience is indeed a place of transformation. God is truly at work in this place and I pray that the most high God will keep this vision and see it through in Jesus’ name. Amen.

~ I experienced the presence of God.

~ Awesome. I’ve been blessed in every aspect as a man. I loved the worship and especially the word from both speakers. So looking forward to WMW 2018.

~ To God be the glory. This was intense. Let’s do it again soon. Amen.

~ My experience has been an awesome one. The two teachings were very helpful and uplifting. Key lessons: Worship can only take place when you’ve come to a place of rest. God has power to take care of everything. Anything I don’t subject to God’s authority means God has been cut out of it. Worship is submission of one’s total self to God. In summary, it was a great time of WORSHIP. The songs also ministered greatly to me.

~ Just like When Men Worship 2016 tagged ‘Breaking the Silence’, this was another explosive teaching aimed at reducing men to humility, self control and deliberate living. This leadership talk is so paramount to the making of men and building of nations. 

~ Wonderful. Awesome. Pleasant. It’s a blessing to have an opportunity to attend this kind of meeting for men only as it is rare. We come to worship first of all, this means a lot in the present world we live in. Particularly, the worship team was top notch and the music, high quality; the programme well organized. Can’t miss any one in the future. God bless and grow this initiative. Amen.

~ It is an insightful programme. Saw worship in a better light. Most importantly, it was an impactful meeting.

~ Worship was life changing. God has given me instructions for further ministry in my walk with him. God bless ya!!!!

~ Very insighful. A totally new perspective to worshipping as a man.

~ Thank God for this vision. It’s really a moment to reconnect with our Creator. I wish this should be coming up every month just for men. Worship was wonderful; the music and the instrumentalists are Godly. The messages were also awesome. Indeed, it was a great experience. I will love to be coming with others just like I did today.